A modern sales solution for computer, tablet
and smart phone

MySpidero is designed to enable business transactions in a store and on the Internet, easily and inexpensively using modern technologies. Just fill out a list of goods and start selling.


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MySpidero is a retail store and online store in one

Do you have a brick-and-mortar retail store and want to add an online store? Or vice-versa? Or are you just starting out? MySpidero can help you run your business without high entry costs!

Cash register for Point of Sale system (POS), desktop, tablet, smart phone

A simple and unique method of operating a POS system, functioning on all devices supported by iOS, OS X, Android and Windows

Professional online store

A modern online store solution including online payments, with the functions and appearance according to the user's wishes. Designed for both mobile and desktop devices.

Product lines

Designed for clothing, shoes, modern goods, sporting goods, toys, gift items, electrical items, books and more

Cloud Functionality - all data in one place

A single database of goods and customers for the POS system and online store. Easy maintenance, operation, sales assessment and statistics.

MySpidero does business in a new way!

MySpidero is a revolutionary business solution that is easy and affordable: from a single place, you control your brick and mortar store, retail store network or online store. MySpidero uses just one source of data for both goods and customers, so data review and maintenance is easy - anybody can use it. And MySpidero is fully connected to modern marketing tools - CRM, a loyalty system, and statistics for increasing sales.

Make use of your convenient mobile devices – tablets or smart phones – to make your life easier and increase sales productivity. MySpidero can read barcodes using a camera or special scanner, and print a receipt wirelessly (Air print). In a totally new way, MySpidero brings you closer to your customers, and your customers closer to you.


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