A full-fledged Point of Sale (POS) system that goes
where you do

Modernize your business! Instead of one POS at the cashier's desk, you'll have a mobile POS online accessible by tablet, smart phone or PC.

Here's How it Works:

MySpidero works on the PC as an ordinary POS system with all the standard functions and more. But start it up on a tablet or smart phone, and you have a full-featured mobile operation that goes where you go.

Use MySpidero to scan goods into the POS, enter customer discounts, payments and more anytime while outside the store. MySpidero supports modern online sales without the limitation of classic cashier functions. You can scan barcodes, print receipts, process credit-card transactions and even enter cash sales right over your telephone!

The POS software is platform independent. You can freely use it on any PC, Android, iPhone, tablet, etc. and on all ordinary devices and platforms. Despite its mobile character, it features all the qualities of a classic POS – sales, price lists, discounts, sales events, promotions and many more. All this makes for a user-friendly, yet powerful tool for managing your store – anywhere!

Demo of the POS

Instructional video Sales

Advantages for your customer

The MySpidero POS system can dramatically increase sales for your retail store, by increasing customer-sales agent interaction and maximizing customer comfort.

  • 1 Better Service – the sales agent moves along with the customer in the retail store while registering items purchased on the smart phone or tablet.
  • 2 Better Experience – say goodbye to those long waits in the checkout line! Items can now be checked out anywhere in the store.
  • 3 Higher Satisfaction – customer gets one-on-one attention from the sales agent while selecting goods.

Advantages for the retailer

MySpidero's mobile POS is never stuck in one place, so neither are you. Our POS app for phone or tablet can be used anytime, anywhere, whether you're in the store or somewhere else.

  • 1 Multi-functional – in addition to processing sales and reading reports, it includes all the normal functions you'd expect in a quality POS system on a standard PC.
  • 2 Smaller investment – no need to install a full-fledged PC system to run your POS, if your mobile phone or tablet system is all you require for your business.
  • 3 Simpler POS Interface – POS is always stored online, so it accessible from any device, anywhere. Simply scan goods into the POS system and start selling.