MySpidero = Modern Online store

Starting up a business on the Internet is fast and easy with MySpidero.


MySpidero enables you to run a modern online store without complicated management in two steps:

  1. 1. Choose one of the prepared online store templates.
  2. 2. Using a simple form, fill in the database of goods with basic product data (description, price, and image).

Now start selling! It's easy.

The online store can be easily added to an existing retail store, or vice-versa. Customers will have the option of purchasing according to how they best like to shop.

There really is nothing easier than using an online POS module. For both online and retail sales channels, MySpidero uses just a single database with data on goods and customers, and it includes modern e-marketing to run your online store, helping you create long-term relationships with the customers.


Demo of MySpidero for Online store

Graphic design

Choose from prepared graphic templates or a custom-made design. The technology of an adjustable Web design automatically recognizes if your e-shop customer is browsing from a PC, tablet or smart phone, and adjusts and displays content accordingly.

Working with goods

MySpidero Cloud Database - enables fast and easy maintenance of goods, storage facilities, price lists, images and all necessary variations. All this occurs in one place for both the e-shop and retail store. A unified database saves work and eliminates duplicity.


MySpidero uses the latest knowledge from the area of SEO with a series of functions performed automatically for increasing sales. An online connection to Google Analytics business statistics will enable you to quickly and clearly review the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.




The registered customer is stored only once in the MySpidero Cloud Database, and his data is used both in the online store and in an online POS for your brick-and-mortar retail store. Cross channel retail then truly reaches its full potential.

Editing system

Your MySpidero online store CMS enables simple management of your Website, including managing the static sites of your online store, information for your customers, banner adds and more. Thanks to the clearly arranged user interface, you hold the Website firmly in your hands.


Online payments

Process online payment systems such as PayPal, credit and debit cards, and many others in a secure shopping cart, providing your customers with comfortable ordering system from home, on the road or in the office. Transform simple visitors to your online store into satisfied customers.

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