Complete solution for business

You trade and we take care of your data, POS,
Eshop and loyalty program. All in one place, simple and inexpensive.

POS solution

The mobile technologies are changing business. The POS located in a tablet or a phone. Printing and scanning via bluetooth, easy data maintenance from your computer or iPad. Keeping full control of your business processes while maintaining the costs low.

How do it?

Online store

Online store using the same data on products and customers is a part of the solution. A modern and responsive eshop is another of your sales channels.


Your data is stored in a secure cloud. You just need an iPad and you have your business, POS, office and reporting in the palm of your hand. In control at all times, anywhere.



MySpidero does away with archaic technologies! Your new MySpidero POS application works on a tablet, smart phone (including Apple iOS, Windows and Android) and PC . The mobile POS frees sales agents from the cashier desk and increases customer comfort.


Online store

MySpidero enables starting up an online store without huge expenses and complicated preparation. You simply load data on goods, and choose one of a series of prepared templates. If you have both an online store and retail store, MySpidero uses only a single database of goods and customers for both.



Thanks to CLOUD technology, technical and time demands are diminished, and you can dedicate all of your time to managing your online store or retail store. Simple forms are used to manage data, so there's no more need to invest in high-performance servers and data storage sites.


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