15 steps to setting up a business

Setting up a business is not only cheap but also easy..

1 Start up

Start up your own business easily registering with us.
No installing, no deposits. MySpidero is an online solution. For 30 days you can try it all out. For free!


2 Data

Data editing and maintenance for your business is so easy.
Use online data management system, upload product images, add prices, discounts..
You can upload all your product data at once using a simple excel spreadsheet.


3 Point of Sale

Forget old robust cash registers, computers or servers.
For your modern business having a tablet is enough – portable, multi-functional and trendy.
You can easily connect it with wireless scanner or with a printer.


4 Online store

Modern complete responsive online store is a part of the license. Centralized product data, wide range of templates, easy set up. Your new online store is functional instantly after registration.


5 Start

And that’s really it!
Starting up your business has never been easier.

So let’s do it!


2Step 1 - Start up

After risk-free registration you get 30 days to try out our Point of Sale and the online store for free.

With registration you get:

  • 30 day full version free trial of MySpidero system
  • trial with no need to install software or load data
  • trail with sample data for Point of Sale and Online store for your convenience
  • Online store sample template and basic promo banners already set up.
  • After the trail expires you can keep your data and continue hassle-free.

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3Step 2 - Data

Product info, prices, images, setup – clearly and conveniently

You can manage all parts of your business in our content management system:

All changes are made online with and instant effect in both the Point of Sale and the online store.

  • Product info – items, description, prices, images
  • Categories
  • Suppliers and customers agenda
  • Store staff info
  • Payment and Shipping setup, promotions, discounts, etc.
Product info contains product name, price, detail description and discounted price.


Each item contains parameters for its display in the online store. You can load high quality image (up to 12) for gallery and for display in the Point of Sale. You can define EAN codes, sizes and colors for standard size ranges.

For the initial data upload you can use our easy excel spreadsheet.


Just fill in the form with products info for all combination of colors and sizes. Inventory cards are set up by an easy upload using excel spreadsheet. This process can be used any time later on – for uploading e.g. the new season collection. Uploaded data can be edited directly in the table of items.

You can effect product sorting in the table of categories.


You can assign categories such as “Men”, “Women”, “Footwear”, “Shirts”, “Sale”, and similar to your products in a simple table determining links. Categories determine the product tree structure and help customer to quickly navigate. You can add, edit and delete categories in connection to up to date product range.

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4Step 3 - Point of Sale

What do you need for a modern online Point of Sale?

Outstanding Point of Sale solution using tablet brings in stylish online cash register. The Point of Sale has all standard cash register features: Selling, Return of Goods, Scanning, Printing, Standard payment types, Discounts, Customer management, Images. Printing and scanning works wirelessly, tablet could be placed on a stylish stand. Apart from the actual Point of sale operation, you can use tablet for your mailing, internet, data management etc.

You can easily connect Bluetooth Socket scanner to your tablet.

Scanner is wireless thanks to the Bluetooth connection so you can use it in the whole area of your store. Scanner can scan barcodes, QR codes as well as codes on customer cards.

For printing receipts you can use standard thermal printers with wifi connection.

Printer is independent so it can be placed anywhere for your staff convenience. Thanks to printer and scanner simple connection, there is more space on your counter for selling. Receipt elements including company logo are defined by the user.

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5Step 4 - online store

Your new online store – suitable for mobile devices having trendy templates and elegant management system.

MySpidero uses only one source data both for the Online store and the Point of Sale.

Online solution brings high operative functioning – special offers are up and running immediately after setting it up in the online store management system. Also adding items, setting prices or editing items is as easy as that. Online store is in RESPONSIVE mode – optimized display for all types of mobile devices. Online store look is defined by your choice of a suitable template and by adding catchy promo banners.

Choice of a ready to go template that suits your needs is included in the price.

Templates are ready to go, respecting trendy and minimalistic online store design. For each item you can upload up to 12 images for its gallery. All static texts, images and links are easily defined by user across the entire online store.

System provide clear administration of incoming orders to user.

You can display: all orders, not processed orders, sent orders, orders per customer or per date. User manages the order process status and informational emails to customers depending on settings. Of course there is also a function of printing of orders, delivery notes and invoices.

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6Step 5 - Start

And that’s really it! Starting up your business has never been easier.

You can start doing business easily and risk-free.
After you register you can start using full version of MySpidero systém free of 30 days.

So let’s do it!


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