MySpidero is designed for use in various types
of product lines

Clothing, fashion, sporting goods, toys and gift items, electrical appliances, books, magazines and more. Just about every type of consumer good is supported.

MySpidero provides simple and efficient management of various lines or branches of consumer goods, almost without limit. The sales process is optimized to satisfy the customer, and save the retailer time and money. The result? Bigger sales and increased long-term profitability.

With MySpidero you can:

- work with sizes and colors of fashion goods, shoes, sporting goods, toys and more.

- define the individual variations of products according to a given branch and customer wishes

- place high-quality images and video beside each item (online store)

- work with various discounts and promotions

- communicate with customers via e-marketing and create a long-term relationships

Everything is adjustable to the given branch of both a retail and/or online store. The result is easy identification of your store by the customer - always accurate, up-to-date, and with the same information in all sales channels.

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