Terms and Conditions

Terms of service for MySpidero system.

Payment for individual services:

  1. Prices for services, modules and functions of the MySpidero system are regulated by the basic price list, and depend on the chosen type of service, amount of stored information (number of EANs, number of branches, Web domains and users).
  2. The resulting price is always the sum of the prices of individual modules: the user then pays only for those services that he essentially needs to operate his e-shop or retail store(s). Costs for operating the system are thus optimum for each user.
  3. You can then buy other modules regularly to already acquired services or leave out the ones you don't need.

Payment methods:

  1. Payments for MySpidero services can be made exclusively online by payment cards or PayPal, where you can set up regular installments.
  2. The user will obtain data on payments via e-mail, as well as notification for an approaching payment date, notification of late payment or stoppage of service.
  3. Along with payment, the user confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Termination of use of the system and data storage, renewal of the system:

  1. In case the user does not pay the next payment on time, the MySpidero service will remain active for three more days after the payment due date has passed. Then the service will be deactivated with the stipulation that all data and settings remain prepared for use after such payment is made.
  2. The service provider undertakes to leave all user data located on the provider servers in reserve for a maximum of 30 days from termination of use of data and services, or within 30 days from the most recent unpaid payment.
  3. If within this 30-day term the user requests activation of data and pays the fee, the data will be reactivated with no changes made.
  4. The user will be notified by e-mail of all changes and fundamental matters relating to payment and operation of the system.

For the Pricelist of basic services of MySpidero click HERE